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Like Rats (2016)

The apocalypse came and went. Blood was spilled, people were eaten alive in the streets by their friends and neighbours, and society fell hard on it's own stupid face. Standard end of the world fare.

Preston and Stan managed to miss the whole thing (because that's their special skill), and now they're marooned in a fenced-off village doing precisely nothing. It's no great problem for Preston, being that he's always been doing nothing, but Stan's got both eyes fixed on the horizon. He wants his day in that giant post-apocalyptic playground beyond the fences. Hollywood made promises of a certain nature, and he'll be damned if Preston's over-cautious hand-wringing is going to keep him caged.

After all, just because nobody ever comes back when they leave the village, doesn't mean there's anything bad out there... right? 











The Miracle (2012)

David is pregnant... God told him so. But he's not mad, he's not crazy or losing his mind or anything like that. You just have to exercise a little belief, that's all.

Jim Pinker certainly believes him, but then Jim also believes that The Rapture is boiling away on the horizon and that David's child might just provide humanity with one last chance at redemption. 

Maybe if David can hold it all together he can prove his doubters wrong and escape the red eyes of his demons glowing in the dark.

But maybe, the miracle will break what's left of David's sanity... and his faith.

'The MIracle' is a darkly comic tale for those who like a little satire served up with their horror. If you've enjoyed 'Rosemary's Baby' or 'We Need to Talk About Kevin', you might just enjoy this slow-burning descent into madness. 

'...devilishly satirical... (Watts) writes with the gnarly energy and acidic wit of an early Christopher Brookmyer.'

      - Left Lion Magazine. 





The Miracle can also be purchased from The Bookcase in Lowdham, Nottinghamshire. Or borrowed from any Nottinghamshire or Nottingham City Library.



Mr. Bloody Sunshine (2009)

The debut novel from Adam Watts. A dark and cynical tale of blood-lust, apathy, socialism and take-away pizza. Can Dean keep his murderous second life a secret or will his grisly crimes be exposed for all to see? 

Described by Left-Lion magazine as 'hilariously pessimistic', Mr. Bloody Sunshine is an all-out assault on the seemingly endless contradictions of modern Britain and a must for fans of Chuck Palahniuk and Brett Easton Ellis.