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Ever felt under pressure to upgrade your life, join the elite and 'win' that lifestyle promised in the glossy brochure? Lewis Freeman certainly 'upgraded' himself and now he's naked, armed with a sledge-hammer and supremely pissed off. Maybe the one-armed hobo who's been following him about has the answer to his problems.

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'The Last Prick on Earth is Not Alone.'

Everyone is gone, apart from Jack. What a shame that the sole custodian of planet earth is a complete and utter prick with little else on his mind than blowing stuff up and getting pissed. But even pricks need a little company... and there's no telling who or what might find Jack if he's not careful.

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'Thank You For This.'

Halloween is joke. It's time somebody reminded this world of the true meaning of fear. 

'Thank You For This' is included in the 'One Hellicious Halloween'  horror anthology, courtesy of Horror Novel Reviews.

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Many thanks to Wilf Morgan at for hosting some of my short stories. Make sure you check out his good work while you're over that way. The man has talent and plenty of it!